Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Tag: Conservation Ontario

Conservation Ontario Recommends Removing Schedule 6 from Bill 229

Conservation Ontario (CO) recommends the Province of Ontario remove Schedule 6, which amends the Conservation Authorities Act and the Planning Act, from the proposed...

Digital Transformation at Conservation Halton

“When you look at some of the big global CEOs, what do they consider as some of the external pressures that are going to...

Special Advisor on Flooding Recognizes Critical Role of CAs

Conservation Ontario is pleased that the report released by Ontario’s Special Advisor on Flooding recognizes the critical role that conservation authorities play in Ontario’s...

Ontario Proposes Great Lakes Protection Act

The Ontario government has proposed a Great Lakes Protection Act, strategy, and support for local actions. Already, several groups have commented on the news. “Protecting the...

Ontario Too Slow: ECO’s Annual Report

Ontario's Environmental Commissioner is worried that Ontario has lost momentum when it comes to the province's pressing environmental issues. In his 2010/2011 Annual Report, titled...

Groundwater DVD Makes a Splash

An eight-minute DVD on groundwater is being distributed by Conservation Ontario across the province. The Groundwater, Ours to Protect video, produced by Quinte Conservation in...

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