Saturday, November 28, 2020

Tag: Conservation Authorities

Special Advisor on Flooding Recognizes Critical Role of CAs

Conservation Ontario is pleased that the report released by Ontario’s Special Advisor on Flooding recognizes the critical role that conservation authorities play in Ontario’s...

Ontario Government Releases Report from Special Advisor on Flooding

The Ontario government’s Special Advisor on Flooding delivered his report on October 31, 2019. In July 2019, Natural Resources Minister John Yakabuski named Doug McNeil...

Conservation Authorities Stunned by a Letter from the Gov’t of Ontario

Conservation authorities (CAs) and Conservation Ontario are stunned by a letter that was circulated by the Government of Ontario recommending that CAs start shutting...

Ontario Launches Consultations on Greenbelt Expansion to Protect Water

Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs Minister Bill Mauro posted a statement today inviting feedback on a study area for potential Greenbelt expansion to protect...

Further Water Conservation Urged Throughout Grand River Watershed

The Grand River watershed in Southwestern, Ont. has declared a Level 2 drought condition under the Ontario Low Water Response Program. The declaration was...

Conservation Halton Watershed Moves to Level II Low Water Condition

A combination of below-average precipitation this year with hot summer temperatures has resulted in water levels in local streams dropping well below normal. As...

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