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Poll: Ontario Bottled Water Policy and Public Opinion at Odds

A new poll of 1,500 Ontario residents has revealed discrepancies between the provincial government’s public policies when it comes to the bottled water industry...


The nuclear disasters caused by a massive earthquake and devastating tsunami in Japan have heated up concerns over water safety and radiation. Authorities reported...

Canadians Celebrate Bottled Water Free Day

Canada and several other countries marked the second Bottled Water Free Day on March 10. "Canadians are rejecting the privatization of public water resources and...

The Banning of the Bottle

On August 19, London, Ont. became the first Canadian municipality to eliminate the purchase and sale of single-use bottled water at a number of...

London Votes to Ban Bottled Water

Last night London, Ont. city councillors voted in favour of banning the sale of bottled water in municipal buildings. The phased-in ban will take effect...

Polycarbonate Water Cooler Bottles Safe for Use: CBWA

The Canadian Bottled Water Association (CBWA) said this week that it supports the findings of Health Canada and the Minister of Health Tony Clement...

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