The Canadian Bottled Water Association (CBWA) said this week that it supports the findings of Health Canada and the Minister of Health Tony Clement that polycarbonate water bottles are safe for use.According to Minister Clement, in making its findings Health Canada reviewed 150 sets of data. That data would have included reviewing the 18-Litre polycarbonate water cooler bottles that some CBWA members use to deliver and distribute drinking water.

“Canadians can continue to use hard plastic, reusable water bottles and plastic tableware if they so choose,” Minister Clement said, adding that there is “no health risk” from using the containers, which contain the chemical bisphenol A.

“As they have for years, Health Canada has again determined that polycarbonate water bottles used with water coolers are safe for use,” said Elizabeth Griswold, executive director of the CBWA. “Health Canada should be commended for basing its decision on all evidence available, including by third party researchers using widely accepted scientific methods.”

CBWA noted that bisphenol A is not an ingredient in the plastic used for typical single serve, single-use bottles. These bottles have a number 1 on the bottom and are made from PET, which does not contain bisphenol A.

“Bottled water is a healthy, safe and portable beverage that is an alternative to other beverages on store shelves,” said Griswold. “Drinking plenty of water, whether from the tap or a bottle, is an important and recommended part of a healthy, daily diet.”

The CBWA is the trade association for the bottled water industry in Canada. CBWA member companies produce and distribute about 85 per cent of the bottled water sold in Canada.


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