Monday, January 30, 2023

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New Website Helps People Identify Algae Blooms in B.C. Lakes

To better understand where and when algae blooms happen around British Columbia, the province has developed the educational Algae Watch website. The website helps...

Controlling Light Could Leave Toxic Algae Dead in The Water: Researchers

While vacationing in Canada’s Rocky Mountains several years ago, Rebecca North was looking for a peaceful break from her work as a water researcher at...

Saskatchewan Issues Blue-Green Algae Advisory

The Water Security Agency and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health are advising the public to avoid swimming in or drinking water where blue-green algae...

Benefits to Water Quality by Planting Trees on Degraded Agricultural Land

In a study published in the journal PLOS ONE, Arturo Keller, a professor of environmental biogeochemistry at UC Santa Barbara, presented a hard link...

Nanomaterials Linked to Algal Blooms in Wetlands and Other Freshwater

Researchers at Duke University have found that nanomaterials used in agriculture could lead to more algae outbreaks in wetlands and other freshwater bodies. In the...

B.C.’s Coastal Water Goes Green from Algae Bloom

The water in southern B.C. has turned a vibrant shade of green due to a massive bloom of algae. The ocean water that stretches from the...

N.S. Government Addressing Water Quality Concerns

Land inspections, more water quality testing and new regulations are some of the actions the Nova Scotia government is taking to address water quality...

Manitoba Assaults Phosphorus

New measures were announced last week by Manitoba's Conservation Minister Stan Struthers as part of an aggressive plan to reduce phosphorus that promotes growth...

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