The latest report from the Canada West Foundation focuses on the connections between the call for a Canadian energy strategy and the push for a national water policy. In National Strategies for Energy and Water: The Illusion of Convergence, Dr. Roger Gibbins, former president and CEO, and Larissa Sommerfeld, senior policy analyst, present the case for each strategy, outline the differences between them and point out the connections that bind them together.

“There has always been a tension in Canada between provincial autonomy and national coordination and this is readily apparent when it comes to addressing public policy issues related to Canada’s energy and water resources,” says Canada West Foundation VP of research, Robert Roach, in a press release. “Gibbins and Sommerfeld provide an insightful analysis of energy and water challenges that demonstrates how this tension can be, and should be, a creative force capable of improving the policy response,” adds Roach.

The report calls for  water and energy demands to be prioritized, and says a national water policy or a Canadian energy strategy should engage both the federal and provincial governments.


Current Water “Stress Points” in Western Canada



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