The City of Regina has released its proposed Utility Fund 2019 Operating Budget and 2019–2023 Capital Plan, which recommended a 3 per cent rate increase, effective January 1st, each year for the next three years.

“The proposed 2019 Utility Fund Budget supports a financially stable water utility that delivers safe, clean water, and reliable wastewater and drainage systems,” said city manager Chris Holden. “This proposed multi-year approach to rates provides more certainty to the Utility’s long-term funding requirements and allows for customers to plan for future costs.”

The 2019 Utility Fund Budget is based on expenses and revenue of $139 million. Highlights include a $58.5 million capital investment in infrastructure renewal, including $16.2 million for water infrastructure renewal, $9.3 million for wastewater infrastructure renewal, $11.0 million for drainage system upgrades and improvements.

Over the five-year capital plan, Regina will invest over $414 million. A major project to upgrade existing water meters in Regina homes will be undertaken with the initial stages of planning and design occurring in 2019. The long-range capital plan also:

  • Meets the regulatory expectations of the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency.
  • Addresses the renewal of linear infrastructure, like underground pipes and catch basins.
  • Continues the investment in drainage system improvements to reduce surface flooding.

“This three-year rate model provides stability for Regina’s water utility which is based on full cost recovery,” said Holden. “It also means predictable utility/water rates for our customers. For the typical household, this means a monthly increase of $4.14 in 2019, with similar increases in each of the next two years.”

The Regina Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project in Saskatchewan—a project successfully completed through a public-private partnership (P3). Credit: EPCOR.

The proposed budget and any amendments will be considered by City Council at a meeting on Monday, December 10th and, if necessary, Tuesday, December 11th. Regina residents, stakeholder groups, and media have been invited to attend the meeting at 5:30 p.m. in Henry Baker Hall at City Hall.

The 2019 proposed Utility Fund Budget can be viewed in detail at


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