Environment and Climate Change Canada has launched a call for proposals for the Natural Heritage Conservation Program, which will assist with the protection of Canada’s ecosystems, landscapes, biodiversity, and species at risk.

Proposals will be sought from organizations that can develop, coordinate, and deliver a national program aimed at assisting local, provincial, territorial, and national conservation organizations in securing ecologically sensitive private lands across Canada.

“Protecting our nature and the wildlife that depend on it is important to preserving our natural heritage and ensuring our kids and grandkids have a healthy and prosperous future. That’s why we are committed to doubling the amount of protected nature,” said Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change. “The Nature Fund is an important part of achieving this objective through the establishment of new protected and conserved areas on private lands.”

As part of the Budget 2018 Nature Legacy initiative, the Government of Canada has made a $500 million investment in the new Canada Nature Fund to fund programs, such as the NAtural Heritage Conservation Program. The Canada Nature Fund contributions will be matched by partners, raising a total of $1 billion for conservation action, which will help Canada work towards its 2020 target of protecting 17 per cent of Canada’s lands and in-land waters, protecting and recovering species at risk, and improving biodiversity.

The $100 million Natural Heritage Conservation Program is one of four Canada Nature Fund streams to be launched this year. Calls for proposals will also be opening in the coming weeks for the Canada Nature Fund’s Challenge component as well as for funding to protect species at risk. Application information and details are available at Nature Legacy.


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