Nunavut Water Board Approves Type B Water Licence for Gold Exploration

By Water Canada 11:24AM October 20, 2017



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NxGold Ltd. has been issued a Type B Water Licence by the Nunavut Water Board in respect of the Kuulu Project in Nunavut. This licence authorizes water use and waste management associated with camp and drilling activities for the Kuulu Project.

Upon renewal of the existing Land Use Licences, KVL311B01 and KVRW12E01, all licenses and permits will have been issued to permit the NxGold to drill-test high priority gold targets at the Kuulu Project. As announced on June 19, 2017, the company has also obtained a positive decision from the Nunavut Impact Review Board for the Kuulu Project.

A Type B Water Licence is issued for activities using between 50 m3 and 300 m3 water per day. The majority of deposits of waste into water in Nunavut require a Type B licence

“We are very pleased to be issued the Water Licence for Kuulu as it represents the second to last outstanding permit required and now only the renewal of the existing Land Use Licenses are required for the Company to undertake our anticipated maiden drill program,” said Chris McFadden, chief executive officer of NxGold.

NxGold is involved in ongoing dialogue with the Kivalliq Inuit Association and in an attempt to secure renewal of the Land Use Licences in due course. “We will continue to work closely with the Kivalliq Inuit Association and the local community to seek renewal of the Land Use Licences as soon as we can,” said McFadden.

Condor North Consulting ULC. has been retained to perform a detailed interpretation of the results of the Kuulu VTEM Plus survey that was undertaken in June to refine geophysical targeting on the Kuulu Project and their final report is pending.


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