Yesterday, Manitoba announced the recipients of its 2016 Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Awards. Winners included water-based initiatives in research and public education.

“It’s very encouraging to see so many individuals, organizations, and communities helping to make small changes that have a big impact,” said Sustainable Development Minister Cathy Cox, who announced the winners. “I’d like to congratulate these award winners for their insight and their dedication to making a difference.”

This year’s award winners demonstrate that private and public-sector organizations are actively promoting sustainability in Manitoba, the minister noted.  Water winners included:

  • Mike Stainton, who won the award for sustainability in water and natural area stewardship. Stainton has been a key contributor to the design and operation of the chemistry programs at the Experimental Lakes Area and the Freshwater Institute of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.
  • St. George School, Freshwater and Ecological Institute, won the award for education for sustainability. Under the direction of Brent Atkins and grade 7 and 8 students from St. George, the Institute has encouraged youth to be actively engaged in studying water quality riparian habitat.
  • Red River College was awarded for innovation and research for sustainability. Specifically, the award acknowledged the work of the College in reducing energy consumption, increasing sustainability, and providing high-quality graduates to work in clean water innovation, energy-efficient building, and sustainable transportation.

The top award, Champion for Sustainability, was given to Brian Humniski of Maples Collegiate in Winnipeg.  The province said of Huminski: “With over two decades in the field of tourism education, Humniski has encouraged students to get engaged in the cultural, economic and sociological aspects of tourism and developed tourism curriculum that is taught in Manitoba and across the country.”

Other award winners include:

  • Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre – outstanding achievement in sustainability;
  • Mother Earth Recycling – sustainable community;
  • B. Rocke Landscaping – honourable mention, champion for sustainability.

The Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Awards honour people, projects, and ideas that successfully turn the province’s principles and guidelines of sustainable development into concrete and lasting achievements.

More details and the complete list of winners is available on the Manitoba website.


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