Recent upgrades to the cogeneration facility at the City of Guelph Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) will allow the city to save money by producing energy on-site.

Guelph’s cogeneration facility includes two reciprocating cogeneration engines and generators that use the methane gas collected as part of the wastewater treatment process to produce electricity to power the WWTP.

Upgrades to the cogeneration facility will help the city achieve its Community Energy Plan goals. The WWTP will generate approximately 4,020,000 kilowatts per hour annually or enough energy to power 469 homes each year. Generating green energy to power the WWTP will offset around 3,500 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions that would be produced from non-renewable, fossil fuel based energy sources. The anticipated savings in electrical costs are estimated to be approximately $300,000 annually.


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