The Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) has recognized the City of Guelph’s leadership in water conservation with a 2017 Award of Excellence in Water Efficiency for its updated water efficiency strategy in the Public Sector & Utilities Award category. The City was also recognized for its water-based youth education programming with the H2Awesome event that won in the category of Public Education & Awareness. Both awards were presented on May 10th at the OWWA Awards Luncheon.

“The City of Guelph is honoured to receive these awards from the Ontario Water Works Association’s Water Efficiency Committee,” said Heather Yates, Supervisor of Water Efficiency at the City. “This recognition means a great deal to us it honours the hard work that all Water Services staff do every day and the commitment our community shows to using water wisely.”


Staff from the City of Guelph accept the 2017 Award of Excellence in Water Efficiency.

The updated Water Efficiency Strategy was unanimously approved by Council in September 2016. The additions and improvements in the 2016 Water Efficiency Strategy offer fresh opportunities to take business and at-home water conservation efforts to the next level, and allow more community participation in everyday water conservation efforts.

Since 2006, an investment of $10.2 million in water conservation and efficiency programs and resources has resulted in over $40 million in savings from deferred infrastructure projects and related operating costs that the city would otherwise have needed to build to supply the Guelph community with drinking water.

Guelph has budgeted $13 million for water conservation and efficiency programs over the next 10 years for an expected future costs savings of $29 million.

Over 1,000 students from local elementary schools participated in H2Awesome. The day-long event delivered grade 8 science curricula through hands-on workshops that approached learning through a variety of subjects including science, geography, dance, art, and music.

“H2Awesome was a collaboration between the City and some great local partners including various community workshop leaders, Wellington Water Watchers, the Upper Grand District School Board, and the Wellington County Catholic School Board,” said Yates. “We’re grateful for their contributions to this amazing event, and we share this award with them with thanks.”


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