GRINDROD, BC – The Grindrod Water Treatment Plant will see installation of a standby power generator to allow systems to operate during a power outage, reducing the need for Boil Water Notices.

The Grindrod Water Utility experiences frequent power outages, which can result in the depressurization of the water distribution system. Public health regulators require a Boil Water Notice to be issued in these cases due to an increased risk of infiltration of untreated or contaminated water into the water distribution system associated with a loss of system pressure. With the installation of a new generator, these notices are expected to decrease.

Significant electrical upgrades are being completed in conjunction with the generator installation to allow for seamless operation of the generator, improve the corrosion resistance of critical electrical components and facilitate future operational upgrades to the plant. The existing electrical infrastructure within the plant has experienced significant corrosion due to the high-humidity environment associated with the water treatment process. This has led to several cases of premature equipment failure in recent years, which resulted in disruptions to service.

“These upgrades to the water treatment plant will be a significant improvement” stated Keiko Parker, Small Utilities Manager. “It will reduce long term maintenance costs and improve the resilience of the water system longer term”.

Construction is expected to begin June 2024 and be completed August 2024.


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