A photo from earlier today in Stockholm. (Via Stockholm International Water Institute)
A photo from earlier today in Stockholm. (Credit: Stockholm International Water Institute)

A new initiative launched during World Water Week in Stockholm will establish global standards for water stewardship, with the goal of addressing the global threat of water stress, the increasing pollution of rivers and a decline in freshwater wildlife species. In conjunction with the announcement, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) also accepted a four-year, $1-million grant from JohnsonDiversey, Inc. (a global provider of commercial cleaning and hygiene solutions) to support this work, which is being convened through the Alliance for Water Stewardship.

The Global Water Roundtable will provide a new tool to improve the way water is managed by establishing rigorous, realistic water stewardship standards. The Roundtable’s primary objective is to bring together stakeholders from government, science and industry to evaluate and establish a clear set of standards and a certification system for efficient water use. When finished, these new standards will seek to recognize and reward water users who take steps to minimize the impacts of their water use on people and the environment.

The Roundtable is being organized through the Alliance for Water Stewardship and its organizing members, which include WWF, the Pacific Institute, The Nature Conservancy, Water Witness International, The Water Stewardship Initiative, the Water Environment Federation and the European Water Partnership.

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