Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Ron Lemieux
Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Ron Lemieux

Manitoba’s water-control infrastructure network will be enhanced with $21.2 million worth of improvements across Manitoba during the next two years, Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Ron Lemieux announced yesterday.

“The province is investing in improvements to major culverts, dams, drains, dikes and diversions in all regions,” said Lemieux. “The construction of improvements to provincial drainage works will enable the system to more effectively move water from farmers’ fields, roads and residential areas.”

The province also recognizes that increased investment is required to upgrade bridge crossings within the water-control network, Lemieux said. To address this, $3 million has been committed annually within the highway capital program, on top of the $21.2 million, to improve the overall condition of water control crossings.

An extensive assessment was done before projects were selected so areas could be targeted where the need is most urgent. The minister also noted that safety measures will be improved for workers and the public at dam sites across the province by installing safety rails and fences, work platforms and improved navigational warning signs.

The province is responsible for the operation of 4,700 kilometres of provincial drains, 125 dam and control structures, 12 diversions, 41 pumping stations, 18 community ring dikes and associated infrastructures.


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