The federal and provincial governments are joining the Town of Nackawic, New Brunswick in investing a total of $41,535 to study how to improve water and wastewater systems in the community. Each level of government is investing $13,845.

The funding will help create computer software to model Nackawic’s water distribution system. Valves, hydrants, main sizes, elevations, and pump characteristics will be confirmed and inputed into the model.

The model will allow for an accurate representation of the town’s water distribution system to develop the necessary flushing program; and to evaluate existing and potential options for the future chlorination of the town’s water supply.

This software will ultimately allow the municipality to examine various options to determine the most effective and cost-efficient alternatives in maintaining water quality guidelines. In addition, the Town will be able to use the model in the future to evaluate other improvement options as needed, and integrate it as an infrastructure management tool.


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