EPCOR Completes Stress Tests for Regina WWTP Upgrade

By Water Canada 09:16AM May 16, 2018



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EPCOR has successfully completed the performance testing and final facility requirements of Regina’s Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade project, as confirmed by independent certification firm BTY Group. The project successfully completed through a public-private partnership (P3) in 2016.

“EPCOR delivered the facility on time and under budget, meeting all the City’s requirements set out in the terms of the agreement,” said Regina Mayor Michael Fougere in a news release. “We have enjoyed a very positive and productive working relationship with the EPCOR team, and we are excited to provide the citizens of Regina with an outstanding facility that will meet the City’s future needs.”

To achieve all requirements, the facility underwent a stress test to demonstrate it could process high-flow volumes of wastewater—and the load of solids associated with that volume—that are expected as the City grows.

BTY was engaged by the project parties to provide Independent Certification services on the Regina WWTP, which comprise technical due diligence, independent confirmation and certification of project milestones during construction, Substantial Completion and Final Completion. BTY also provided independent confirmation that the plant successfully completed the 30-Day Performance Test in line with the Project Agreement and Technical Standards.

“This project is one of the best-executed infrastructure developments, not just in Saskatchewan but across the country,” said Michael Gabert, Prairies Regional Director. “We are proud to have worked on this successful project with such great partners,” he said.

“EPCOR is proud to have led this remarkable project, and now to continue operating the plant for another 26 years. We have appreciated the confidence the City has placed in our team, and look forward to providing customer-focused services and growing with the community,” said president & CEO Stuart Lee.

The plant upgrades and new construction, completed by EPCOR and its partners, will enable the City of Regina to accommodate community growth and improve the water quality for downstream communities.

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