In response to the hubbub over contracts a consortium that includes Dessau obtained in Montreal, Jean-Pierre Sauriol, president of Dessau, wrote an open letter.

Sauriol says, “Some have gone so far as to plant the idea that we have links to organized crime, as one of our affiliates rented an office with no prior knowledge (a fact that must be stressed) that the building was owned by a member of the mafia. These insinuations, as others that have been concocted lately, bear heavy consequences and bring unjust prejudices to our company.”

He stresses that, like any other contract awarded in the public sector, the contracts were granted following a public tender process that adhered to strict guidelines clearly outlined by the law, and that the company’s innovative concepts got them the job.

Dessau employs 4,000 people and Sauriol says it’s normal to find amongst them a certain number of engineers and other professionals that have already worked in the municipal sector.

“We do not claim to be perfect and we are constantly seeking ways in which we can improve, however never have we ever purposely disobeyed any law nor dismissed any form of regulation. We comply with all legislative modifications and regulations that are adopted by the government and its municipalities and have always done so,” says Sauriol.

He also points out that the partnerships between the public and private sectors that are being attacked, the the privatization of certain services as well as projects that are carried out in the build, operate and transfer mode, are only a few examples of the changes that are presently occurring in our industry.

“This transformation will without a doubt bring about changes to the current rules of governance, which will hopefully reflect the consolidation taking place in the engineering field, as well as to the codes of ethics that will outline new standards in the recruitment of employees from the public sector.”


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