Just days after Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty teased the Heritage Dinner audience with exciting water-related snippets from the upcoming provincial throne speech, Federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice iterated the importance of the Action Plan on Clean Water—which includes facets of the Oceans Action Plan, the Plan of Action for Drinking Water in First Nations Communities, and Building Canada.

In a statement following yesterday’s Speech from the Throne, Prentice said, “In the wake of recently-proposed national standards for municipal wastewater management, the Action Plan on Clean Water is identified as a priority and the national conservation plan—which has already enhanced the number of and the breadth of Canada’s national parks—will also be further bolstered.”

Prentice also referenced plans to ensure that Canada becomes a clean energy superpower, and that natural resources are developed in an environmentally-responsible and sustainable manner. “To help that happen, the Government of Canada is committed to updating and streamlining regulations as well as leading the way forward with the creation of green jobs,” he said.


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