The Municipality of Longue-Rive will receive $8,564,486 in joint government financial assistance under the Communities Component of the Building Canada Fund – Quebec (FCCQ) for water distribution and wastewater treatment works.

The municipality’s project calls for the replacement of watermains under certain sections of Highway 138, the installation of a domestic sewer system and the construction of an aerated pond wastewater treatment plant in the Sault-au-Mouton and Saint-Paul-du-Nord districts. Completion of this project, which will benefit some 1,000 people, will help reduce the quantity and improve the quality of the wastewater discharged into the environment.

Completion of this project will necessitate an overall eligible investment of $10,078,164. The governments of Quebec and Canada will each contribute $4,282,243 toward the work, for a total of $8,564,486 in combined government funding, while the Municipality of Longue-Rive will itself invest $1,513,678 in the project.


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