BioteQ provided water treatment services at the Minto Mine site during the summer of 2009 using a temporary water treatment system (shown in photo). A permanent water treatment plant has now been constructed for the site, which will be commissioned in the spring of 2010 in time for the summer operating season.

BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc., which provides treatment of industrial wastewater, has completed construction of the Minto Water Treatment Plant at the Minto Mine in the Canadian Yukon. The company provided plant design, procurement, and construction within five months, delivering the plant ahead of schedule and within budget. BioteQ will commence commissioning of the plant during the second quarter, and will provide fee-based operating services for the next three operating seasons, commencing in the spring of 2010. The capital cost of the plant has been paid by the mine site owner, Minto Explorations Limited.

The Minto Water Treatment Plant will treat water containing dissolved metals and suspended solids, using a combination of conventional water treatment technologies and BioteQ’s proprietary processes to produce treated water that will comply with the applicable water quality requirements for discharge to the environment. The plant has been designed to treat four million litres of water per day, to allow for peak water flow from the site. During the 2009 operating season, the company used a temporary system to treat 700 million litres of water at the site.


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