On Tuesday, Havelock-Belmont-Methuen’s council has awarded the contract to build the municipality’s new wastewater treatment plant to Brighton-based Peak Engineering and Construction, reports The Community Press.

Havelock’s new wastewater treatment plant, expected to cost $7.7 million, will be capable of treating 1,200 cubic metres of waste per day – sufficient capacity to handle forecasted development in and around the village until 2036.

In addition to opening up further development in the township, the new plant will provide treatment for septage from rural septic systems and eliminate the existing lagoons, which, according to a study by the Ministry of the Environment, are leaking into the water table.

The new facility will be constructed with $4.5 million received and raised under the Canada-Ontario Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund program, combined with $3.2 million in recently announced infrastructure funding.

Until the latter funding was announced the municipality and engineering firm Genivar Ontario Inc. were looking at building the treatment plant in two phases.

Now, however, the plant will be constructed in its entirety.


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