Saturday, May 21, 2022

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Turn of the Century

It’s almost impossible nowadays to open a newspaper or listen to a newscast without finding at least one article or report focussing on the...

How-To Strategies

Canada’s water resources scientists and engineers generally agree that climate change will have an impact on our water; however, we have not incorporated climate...

Peter Kent Takes Charge of MOE

In an effort to help Canadians feel "stable," Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made adjustments to his cabinet. Former broadcaster Peter Kent will now...

Going Solo

Roman aqueducts and sewers provide a powerful emblem of the antiquity of urban water infrastructure—centralized approaches to water and wastewater service provision may seem...

Innovate/Invest, the Water Opportunities Act

The Ontario government has promised, through the proposed Water Opportunities Act, to position the province as a major force in the global water market....

Guelph Identifies Protected Areas, Unveils Efficiency Rebates

The City of Guelph, Ontario made two big announcements yesterday. Firstly, the City has identified vulnerable local water supply source areas in need of protection,...

Groundwater Controversy

Ontario is moving ahead with controversial reforms to the law regarding the cleanup of contaminated sites. Extensive amendments to the Records of Site Condition...

New Municipal Drinking Water Licenses Issued in Ontario

Members of the Ontario Municipal Water Association (OMWA)  are among the first five municipalities to have successfully applied for the new Ontario municipal drinking...

Digging Up Dirt

While geothermal technology looks like a great alternative to oil, geothermal installations and their effect on groundwater have been a topic of environmental concern...

York Region Drinking Water Receives an ‘A’

The Regional Municipality of York's drinking water quality surpasses Ontario's stringent standards, making the purchase of bottled water an unnecessary expense, according to a...

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