Waterlution is offering leadership, facilitation, and cultural understanding training for youth ages 18-30 who are interested in becoming volunteers for the Great Canoe Journey nation-wide cultural education project.

The Great Canoe Journey engages school-aged youth (grades 3+) across Canada in reconciliation through education. Guided by our youth volunteers and cultural education partners, registered school groups learn about traditional canoes and indigenous water perspective.

This training and program is for you if:

  • You are a non-indigenous youth and want to learn and share about local indigenous culture.
  • You are an indigenous youth and you want to educate others about your culture.
  • You want to build new skills like workshop facilitation, partnership development, research, and content creation.

By joining the training, you will become part of a community of dedicated volunteers and young leaders from across the country. You will also be provided opportunities for continual coaching, training, and personal development from Waterlution.

Trained youth can contribute to the project by:

  • Leading workshops or webinars for school groups.
  • Researching cultural knowledge, developing resources, and evaluating school submissions.
  • Developing partnerships and supporting school outreach/recruitment.
  • Indigenous youth can share cultural knowledge (and learn from your elders).
  • Creating content (photos, videos, newsletters, and blogs).

Training is available on:

  • April 14th in Toronto
  • May 3rd and 4th in Whistler
  • May 5th and 6th in Victoria

All training sessions include facilitation and leadership training by Waterlution. They will also include cultural sharing and understanding training by local First Nations in each region who are collaborating with Waterlution on this project.

After the training, participants will become part of the national Great Canoe Journey cultural and water learning project. They will also have the opportunity to collaborate with other young professionals as a member of Waterlution’s Youth Advisory Board.

Learn more about the Great Canoe Journey school program.

Learn more about the Youth Advisory Board training.


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