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Waterlution Offers Spring Training for the Great Canoe Journey

Waterlution is offering leadership, facilitation, and cultural understanding training for youth ages 18-30 who are interested in becoming volunteers for the Great Canoe Journey...

Sask. Leadership Hopefuls Questioned on Infrastructure and Services

As Saskatchewan’s New Democratic Party (NDP) and Saskatchewan Party (SP) are in the midst of leadership campaigns, the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) engaged...

2016 Water’s Next Finalists Announced

Water Canada magazine has announced the finalists of the 2016 Water’s Next Awards. The Water’s Next Awards program honours the achievements and ideas of individuals...

Awash with Potential

Jurisdictions around the world are increasingly recognizing that sound water management is the foundation for economic and community prosperity. From growing and preparing our...

Interview: Dr. Joe MacInnis

"Water has been my life in a different way than for most people. I have lived inside of it." In 1969, Dr. Joe...

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