The Water Security Agency (WSA) announced $72M in planned investments to water infrastructure across Saskatchewan to help keep the province’s water supply safe and secure.

“Saskatchewan continues to be a national leader for growth and investment,” said Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency, Fred Bradshaw. “From increased agricultural production, to recently announced new canola crush plants, and our busy resource sector, our province will need to rely on a safe, secure supply of water to support our communities and growing economy.”

With Budget 2022-23, WSA will ensure a safe and secure water supply for a growing population, increase the sustainability of Saskatchewan’s growing economy and build resiliency against extreme weather events providing:

  • $45 million for water infrastructure rehabilitation, including work on dams and other water control structures that help secure the province’s water supply;
  • $25 million for large and small irrigation projects that contribute to economic, irrigation, and food security goals noted in Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan;
  • up to $1 million toward addressing outflow restrictions from Grant Devine Dam, which is pending the results of ongoing negotiations with stakeholders;
  • $1 million for maintenance activities to reduce channel blockages that can cause flooding related damages to agricultural land, and rural infrastructure.

The investments in irrigation development support all sectors of this province and we are pleased the government is committed to growing rural Saskatchewan through irrigation initiatives,” said Chairman of the Saskatchewan Irrigation Projects Association, Aaron Gray. “We have the potential to responsibly develop more irrigable acres in this province to create a sustainable future for every citizen.”



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