Dr. Stephanie Young’s research team at the University of Regina will install and pilot test greywater reclamation technology at the campus’ Research & Innovation Centre to prepare it for the commercial marketplace, thanks to a federal and provincial government investment of $202,400 announced yesterday.

Young’s research team members will be pilot testing five plants that reclaim and reuse greywater for small applications. Substituting reclaimed water for purposes that do not require high-quality drinking water, such as irrigation or toilet flushing, helps extend available fresh water supplies, and also substantially decreases the wastewater load into sewage collection systems. The reclamation plants are expected to be commercialized nationally and internationally where they will help conserve water resources and protect aquatic ecosystems. Six patents have already been submitted for assessment for the innovative technologies related to the greywater reclamation system that has been selected for the Award of Innovation 2010.

The investment comes from the Canada-Saskatchewan Western Economic Partnership Agreement (WEPA) for the testing, while the non-profit organization, Communities of Tomorrow, itself a recipient of WEPA funding, will provide $75,000.

Watch for more on greywater reuse in Water Canada’s upcoming May/June issue.


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