Monday, October 25, 2021

Tag: pilot project

Saltworks Technologies Conducts Successful Coal-Power Wastewater Pilot

B.C.'s Saltworks Technologies has announced that it successfully concluded a sixty-day on-site pilot at a major US coal fired power plant treating flue gas...

Pilot Program to Increase Flood Risk Awareness in Squamish, B.C.

Squamish is one of three Canadian communities chosen for a new door-to-door pilot program to boost flood risk awareness and emergency preparedness at the...

Connecting Water to Grid

The promise is decidedly bold—a brand new, no-strings-attached source of revenue for Ontario municipalities. But Ron Dizy is confident his company, Sempa Power, can...

U of Regina Greywater Reclamation Tech Funded

Dr. Stephanie Young’s research team at the University of Regina will install and pilot test greywater reclamation technology at the campus’ Research & Innovation...

Orangeville Endorses Xogen Pilot Project for Sewage Treatment Plant

The Council of the Town of Orangeville last night passed a resolution supporting in principle a proposal from Orangeville-based Xogen Technologies Inc. to pilot...

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