A project led by Vancouver-based Saltworks Technologies Inc. to develop a low-energy water desalination system that has the potential to greatly improve the affordability and accessibility of clean water will receive up to $580,000 in funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

“Access to clean water is a growing issue and it’s imperative that we find innovative ways to effectively clean the water resources that are available,” said SDTC president and CEO Vicky Sharpe. “The technology developed by Saltworks provides a sustainable and inexpensive solution to this issue that could be used in Canada as well as around the world.”

The Low-Energy Desalination Demonstration project involves building and testing a commercial-scale 1,000 litre per day pilot plant for seawater and brackish industrial water treatment. This desalination system, powered by an inexpensive low temperature thermal energy conversion system that can use solar energy or process heat to reduce electricity consumption, is expected to operate without chemicals while avoiding the harmful salt loading that is often associated with other desalination approaches. The process also has the capability to input waste saltwater brine and treat it to produce freshwater and solid salt with low energy consumption.

Other project partners include BC Hydro’s Powertech Labs Inc. and the BC Innovative Clean Energy Fund.


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