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Drinking Water Success in Ontario

Ontario continues to be a North American leader in providing clean, safe, and reliable drinking water to Ontarians, reads a press release from the...

Innovation Thrives in Ontario

Building upon past successes with big companies such as Trojan Technologies and ZENON Environmental and recently passing the Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act,...

Ontario Introduces Innovation Showcase Funding

Last week Ontario's ministry of environment announced its $17-million Showcasing Water Innovation program, meant to to fund leading edge, innovative and cost-effective solutions...


Anyone interested in the business of water in Canada will be looking to Ontario to see what, if any, effect the recently passed Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act will have on the industry. With

Wasted Energy

Across the country, provinces are updating Building Code standards—or implementing policies that would allow provincial ministries to change standards. Canada’s new building code, coming...

Great Lakes, Wasted

More than 580 billion litres of drinking water, the equivalent of 236,000 Olympic swimming pools, are being wasted every year by homeowners in the...

Feedback: Ontario’s Water Opportunities Act

A day after Ontario Minister of the Environment John Gerretsen announced some details of the province's proposed Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act, the...

Opportunities Act Details Emerge

"We want Ontario to provide the solutions the world is calling for," said Ontario's Minister of Environment, John Gerretsen, today. Quietly and without much advance...

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