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Top Five Research Stories of 2019

Of the news stories that examined new research in the water sector, the following five news stories that were the most read on Water...

UVic Finds Microplastic Pollution More Pervasive Than Previously Observed

A new University of Victoria study suggests humans are unknowingly consuming tens of thousands of microplastic particles per year, a problem that requires further...

A Renewed Outlook for B.C.’s Freshwater

As B.C.’s new government embarks on the hard work of fulfilling its platform commitments and ministerial mandates, there will be no shortage of pressing...

Interview: Michele-Lee Moore on Global Water Governance

The POLIS Project on Ecological Governance’s Creating a Blue Dialogue webinar series kicks off 2013 with a session on global networks and governance innovation...

Wasted Energy

Across the country, provinces are updating Building Code standards—or implementing policies that would allow provincial ministries to change standards. Canada’s new building code, coming...

Worth Every Penny

Canadians pay remarkably little for the water supplied to our homes and businesses compared to other developed countries (see figure 1). It’s no coincidence...

Groups Call for B.C. Public Trust in New Water Act

A new report released by Ecojustice and POLIS Water Sustainability Project outlines how the B.C. government can become leaders in responsible freshwater management by...

UVic Releases Water Pricing Report

A new University of Victoria report is stimulating a national dialogue on water pricing as part of a sustainable approach to management. Worth Every Penny:...

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