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Saltworks Launches New Product for Shale Operators

On Friday, Saltworks Technologies launched a new product for shale operators: the SaltMaker AirBreather. After completing two shale pilot projects, the Saltworks team sought a...

Shale-Rich Anticosti Island Among Locations Under Consideration as UNESCO Sites

  The Government of Canada has announced the addition of eight new locations under consideration as candidate sites for UNESCO World Heritage recognition, including one...

Chevron Develops Shale Plays in Alberta

Chevron Canada, a subsidiary of global giant Chevron Corp, has announced that it will begin to develop its first ever Canadian shale play development in the...

Hydraulic Fracturing Expected Value: 68 Billion by 2024

A report from Global Market Insights, Inc., released today, on the hydraulic fracturing market, suggests the industry share is poised to exceed USD 68...

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