Saturday, March 25, 2023

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Freshwater Salt Pollution Threatens Human Water Security: Study

Water touches virtually every aspect of human society, and all life on earth requires it. Yet, fresh, clean water is becoming increasingly scarce—one in...

Study Shows Winter Road Salt Poses Year-Round Threat to Aquatic Life

As spring nears, two University of Toronto researchers have found that the salt spread on roads and sidewalks in the Greater Toronto Area during the wintertime...

Government of Ontario to Convene Great Lakes Guardians’ Council

On April 23, the Government of Ontario will convene the Great Lakes Guardians' Council, in memory of Josephine Mandamin, to discuss emerging issues around...

U.S. Ambassador Kelly Craft Highlights the Importance of the Great Lakes

The U.S. Ambassador to Canada, Kelly Craft, was in Toronto yesterday for an Empire Club of Canada luncheon speaking about Canada-U.S relations, NAFTA, and our...

Has Road Salt Run its Course?

Marshes, streams and lakes lie alongside many of the roads and highways that zigzag across North America. Plants and animals inhabit these water bodies...

Cross-Border Collaboration for Great Lakes Protection

Four of the five Great Lakes help to define the U.S.-Canada border; but what separates our two countries brings them together as well. The Great...

Canadian Designed Desalination Pipe Shortlisted for U.S. Prize

A Vancouver engineering firm’s solar-powered desalination pipe design has been shortlisted for the Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI). LAGI promotes human-centric design solutions for sustainable...

Rothsay Granted Early Discharge into Spencer Creek

A Rothsay wastewater plant in Dundas, Ontario, was granted permission to release treated wastewater into Spencer Creek a month early by the Hamilton Conservation...

Friend and Foe

Urban roads and expansive highways propel our interconnected economy and mobile lifestyle, but a snowstorm can bring productivity crashing to a halt. Not to...

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