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Four Myths about Water Fluoridation and Why They’re Wrong

Evidence gathered over 60 years about adding fluoride to drinking water has failed to convince some people this major public health initiative is not...

Ontario Bans Municipalities from Removing Fluoride from Drinking Water

Liberal MPP Bob Delaney got his way this week following a healthy debate about whether to ban municipalities from removing fluoride from their drinking...

City of Calgary Council Re-opens Discussions about Fluoride in Drinking Water

The City of Calgary is discussing the issue of fluoride in drinking water once again, now that three city councillors have motioned to re-open...

Calgary Study Sparks Fluoride Drinking Water Debate

The City of Calgary's fluoride debate erupted again this week following the release of a study published on Wednesday in the journal Community Dentistry...

Poll: Calgary’s Fluoride Debate

Our intern Brad wrote a great post on Calgary's fluoride debate this week. What's your opinion? Got more to say? Leave a comment below.

Calgary Keeps Fluoride

After a proposal to remove it, Calgary's city council has voted in favour of fluoride. Despite the cost—approximately $600,000 per year, plus another $5 million...

Groundwater Chemistry Atlas Released

A new atlas is now available online to help people seeking information about the quality of groundwater in any given area. Environment Minister Roland...


In 1955, a political group called the Keep America Committee issued a flier decrying water fluoridation, naming its practice one of the "Unholy Three,"...

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