Saturday, March 25, 2023

Tag: cyanobacteria

Moncton Issues Warning of Blue-Green Algae in its Source Water

Moncton, New Brunswick has advised its residents, as well as those in the Dieppe and Riverview, that the presence of blue-green algae has been...

AquaHacking Alums Publish Algae Identifying AI Research

A research team from the University of Waterloo, members of whom took first place at the the 2017 AquaHacking Challenge, have published research in...

Canada Invests in Cyanobacteria Detection in Northern Ontario Waterways

The federal government has announced that it will invest $1 million in monitoring northern waterways for cyanobacteria. Northern Ontario families will benefit from improved detection...

Research on HABS and Lake Erie Water Quality

Water quality conditions in Lake Erie continue to pose health risks for Ohioans in coastal communities that use the lake as their drinking water...

Blue-Green Algae, Cyanobacteria Identified in Lower Thames

The Lower Thames Conservation Authority (LTVCA) has confirmed that the Thames River is experiencing a toxic blue-green algae event. On  August 28, LTVCA staff noted...

New Mobile App for Water Advisories Across Canada

On any given day, there are about 1,600 drinking water advisories posted in Canada. A new mobile app designed by the Lake Ontario WaterKeeper,...

Public Clean Water Hearings Re: Phosphorus

Public hearings will be held next month on how to reduce the amount of phosphorus going into Mississquoi Bay and Lake Champlain along the...

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