Saturday, March 25, 2023

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Chlorine Creates Toxic By-Products in Drinking Water: Study

Chlorine creates previously unidentified toxic by-products in the very drinking water it’s meant to disinfect, according to a new study. "There's no doubt that chlorine...

Diving into Water Treatment Strategies for Swimming Pools

With summer in full swing, many people are cooling off in swimming pools. However, some of the substances that are made when chlorine in...

Double Disinfection Treatment for Safer Drinking Water

In spite of good progress in water hygiene during the recent decades, contaminated water still causes millions of diseases every year. Most of these...

Alarmingly High E. Coli Levels in First Nations

In a report published on September 29th, scientists found what they described as an “alarmingly high frequency” of fecal bacteria in drinking water sources...

Don’t Drink the Water

When Attawapiskat First Nation declared a state of emergency in October 2011, Charlie Angus (MP Timmins-James Bay) visited the community to find out why....

Pollution Data Would Help Drinking Water Protection: Report

Federal pollution data would give valuable additional information to the program created to protect sources of Ontarians' drinking water, says a new report from...

$10.5M for Quebec Water Infrastructure

Quebec’s Municipality of Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds will receive $10,561,102 in joint government financial assistance under the Communities Component of the Building Canada Fund – Quebec to...

Niagara Tries Chlorine-Free Sewage Treatment

Onita Basu, an Ottawa professor, wants to eliminate chlorine from municipal sewage treatment using an organic replacement called peracetic acid, reports St. Catharines, Ont.'s...

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