Quebec’s Municipality of Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds will receive $10,561,102 in joint government financial assistance under the Communities Component of the Building Canada Fund – Quebec to carry out major water infrastructure work.

The funding will bring the municipality’s drinking water facilities up to standard, replace the drinking water distribution system in its entirety, install a domestic sewer system and build a water treatment plant.

More specifically, the drinking water supply portion of the work calls for the construction of a service building close to the P1 and P-2 wells, installation of a chlorine disinfection system and monitoring equipment, a water intake channel under des Chutes road and highway 271, construction of the R1 storage tank as well as the installation of drinking water distribution pipelines. The wastewater collection and treatment portion of the project involves laying sewer pipes; building two pumping stations with force mains—one near Sunday River and the other near Craig Creek; construction along des Chutes road of an aerated lagoon treatment plant including, among others things, a service building, a phosphate removal system, a gravity outfall to Craig Creek, and various complementary work.

Completion of this project will necessitate an overall eligible investment of $11,550,094. The governments of Quebec and Canada will each contribute $5,280,551 toward the work, for a total of $10,561,102 in combined government funding, while the Municipality of Saint-Jacques-de-Leeds will itself invest $988,992 in the project.


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