Cambridge, ON – The South Huron Valley Utility Authority (SHVUA, “the Authority”) has successfully implemented Lystek International’s (Lystek) award-winning Thermal Hydrolysis Solution, Lystek THP®, to enhance the biosolids management program at the South Huron Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant (SHV WWTP) located in Brownstown Township, Michigan. This project commenced in the Fall of 2020 and was commissioned in March 2022. This solution substantially reduces the facility’s residual biosolids volumes with the production of Class A LysteGro®, presenting cost-savings, operational relief, and a secure and sustainable biosolids management solution.

The Authority services over 90,000 people across seven communities. Historically, the SHV WWTP produced a Class-B quality, low-solids, liquid lime stabilized biosolids for land application. The facility has been experiencing challenges related to solids accumulation and insufficient liquid biosolids storage capacity on site. When combined with land application constraints, excess biosolids must be dewatered using temporary equipment and disposed of at a landfill. These operational challenges and contingency disposal requirements resulted in increasing program costs.

Analysis of the Net Present Value of alternatives, including continuing to rely on temporary dewatering and installing permanent dewatering, was conducted by Jacobs Engineering Group and the Authority’s engineering firm of record Hubbell Roth & Clark (HRC). It was concluded that the Authority’s long-term costs for residual management would be lower with the operation of Lystek THP and a LysteGro Class A biosolids management program than with dewatering alone.

Based on this analysis the Authority engaged Lystek to design and build the system into existing building space on site. This technology presents an affordable solution that is energy efficient, requires no additional operators beyond their existing staff complement, and significantly reduces the Authority’s biosolids volumes, substantially extending the capacity of the SHV WWTP’s existing liquid storage infrastructure.

This advanced biosolids management project included the implementation of a Lystek THP LY10 Module alongside a dewatering centrifuge and permanent biosolids truck loading infrastructure. The project took advantage of existing liquid storage tanks and building infrastructure to optimize the use of existing facilities and minimize capital costs.

Further, the Authority has entered into a multi-year Agreement with Lystek for comprehensive LysteGro Management Services, allowing for stability and predictability. The enhanced biosolids quality and concentrated nature of the high-solids liquid Class A biosolids exceeds regulatory requirements and drives the demand for LysteGro amendments from local farmers, providing further price security to the Authority.

“We’re excited about this new installation in the State of Michigan as we add the Authority to our rapidly growing list of customers operating Lystek THP on-site at their treatment facilities. The project will enhance the Authority’s current practices with a sustainable, long-term solution well suited to accommodate future growth. This will enable the Authority to operate a sustainable resource recovery solution with long-term price security” – Mike Beswick, Executive Vice President, Lystek International.


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