The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), along with industry partner Imperial, has created the first integrated water program diploma in Canada.

Integrated Water Management is a two-year diploma program for students with a passion for water and the environment. The program will give students the tools and expertise they need to work on solutions for global water issues.

Graduates will have transferable skills for working in a multitude of industries such as energy, government, non-profit, agriculture, education, food and beverage, manufacturing, engineering, and construction.

“This is a program for the future which will build leadership, expertise, and the entrepreneurial skills industry demands from the next generation of water professionals,” said David Ross, president and CEO of SAIT. “Thanks to the ongoing support from Imperial, SAIT continues to define best-in-class with programs that exceed the global demands of tomorrow.”

SAIT recognized the importance and need for new programing in responsible water management, after consultation with industry partners, including Imperial. As part of its ongoing support at SAIT, Imperial invested $1 million toward program development and implementation, furthering its steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship.

“This partnership is about helping tomorrow’s leaders reach their potential by providing them with the skills and technology access needed to drive innovation,” said Theresa Redburn, senior vice-president commercial and corporate development at Imperial. “The program’s collaborative approach supports our goal of responsible freshwater management.”

It’s a goal SAIT shares, said Pablo Pina Poujol, SAIT’s academic chair of water sustainability.

“SAIT has a clear interest in ensuring sustainable water management, which includes not only exploring new water usage technologies and less water-intensive uses, but also talent development in water,” said Poujol.


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