University of Saskatchewan's Dr. Howard Wheater.

Howard Wheater, a world-renowned expert in hydrological science and water quality, has joined the provincial panel tasked with creating a world-class environmental monitoring system for Alberta.

“Dr. Wheater is a highly-respected authority in sustainable water issues and a welcome addition to the panel,” said Rob Renner, Minister of Environment. “Ultimately, we want an environmental monitoring system that is both credible and functional. With that in mind, we’ve ensured the panel has members with a strong scientific background and members who have practical, business experience. Dr. Wheater’s participation increases the existing high-level of scientific knowledge on the panel.”

The panel of advisors includes PhD-level expertise in science, health, epidemiology, and economics. As it builds the provincial monitoring system, the panel will engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders. This can include Aboriginal representatives, experts from previous panels, as well as representatives from other provinces and territories. All engagement decisions will be made by the independent panel.

The addition of Wheater brings the panel’s membership to a full complement of 12 members (see members here). The panel will meet for the first time this week and will report back to the Minister of Environment by June 2011.



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