BLOOM has announced the release of Driving Adoption of Innovative Solutions at Ontario Craft Breweries, a pilot project case study to improve water management performance in Ontario’s craft breweries.

The pilot’s aim was to prove the viability of a representative on-site wastewater solution that implements both improved source reduction practices and treatment technologies can to meet and exceed wastewater discharge goals.

For the project, BLOOM collaborated with three Ontario craft brewers in separate demonstration projects. The representative solution that was piloted in each project was the BRÜ CLEAN SYSTEM developed by Econse Water Purification Systems Inc. (ECONSE). BRÜ CLEAN is a small-footprint, modular, and chemical-free wastewater treatment solution with leading-edge process technology components. BLOOM supported the cleantech demonstration with in-brewery source reduction and design improvements at each site.


The success of the pilots has wide application. Implementation of on-site cleantech and operational wastewater solutions will assist new craft breweries that are at the facility design and equipment selection stage; existing craft breweries beginning to explore water and wastewater reduction programs; or craft breweries that are looking to improve a well-established program.

Ontario’s craft breweries can realize significant benefits from proactive water management strategies, including reduced water and wastewater management costs, increased revenues, operational efficiencies, and enhanced community relations.

BLOOM’s goal is to create change in craft beer sector by undertaking projects to assess and demonstrate a portfolio of complementary approaches and technologies. Their desired outcome is collaboration of craft brewing sector, cleantech solution providers, engineering consultants, and government in implementing practical and affordable on-site wastewater management solutions for craft brewers.

Following the completion of this pilot project, one of the demonstration host breweries, Sawdust City Brewing Company, announced in April 2017 that it is partnering with ECONSE to install the first full-scale BRÜ CLEAN SYSTEM to treat their brewery wastewater on-site.

According to Rob Engman, President, Sawdust City Brewing Company, “Sustainability in all of our operations is a top priority. Wastewater management is the most crucial issue facing the craft brewing industry in Ontario.”

BLOOM has developed the award-winning Water & Beer online platform to make it easier for craft brewers to understand the Ins, Outs and In-Betweens of water management. BLOOM recently won a Water’s Next award for their innovative water management programs.




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