The Government of Ontario has undertaken public consultation on how to best tackle environmental challenges following its cancellation of the previous government’s cap-and-trade policy.

“We share an opportunity to work together to tackle the big environmental challenges that currently face our province and, indeed, the entire world,” said Rod Phillips, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks in a statement. “At the same time, Ontario has many resourceful and innovative individuals and businesses—we want to hear from you on how best to balance a healthy economy with a healthy environment.”

Comments are being solicited on some key areas of focus for Ontario’s new plan. The government has outlined areas of focus as follows:

  • Creating an understanding of the effects that climate change is having on our households, businesses, communities and public infrastructure to better prepare and strengthen our resiliency.
  • Ensuring polluters are held accountable and creating dedicated measures that will efficiently reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Improving Ontario’s business climate by unlocking the power of the private sector to finance and drive innovative climate solutions. This will include an emissions-reduction fund to invest in technology-based and other solutions to reduce emissions in Ontario.
  • Finding a balanced solution that puts people first, makes life more affordable for families, and takes Ontario’s role in fighting climate change seriously.

The consultation will focus on resiliency efforts, pollution reduction, and how government can better partner with the private sector on sustainable solutions.

The government has said its environment plan will be released for formal feedback later this fall.


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