Ont. Receives Over $93M for Water Infrastructure

By Water Canada 12:01PM May 23, 2017



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The Government of Canada has announced several water infrastructure projects across Ontario, totaling more than $93 million in federal investment.

Funding includes $2.6 million for modifications and improvements to the Peterborough Waste Water Treatment Plant, $22 million for water and wastewater projects in the Regional Municipality of Durham, and over $69 million for stormwater infrastructure structure in Peel region.

“Unfortunately, all too often this specific element of infrastructure investment—that we highlight today—receives attention when something goes wrong. However, that is not the case in this circumstance,” said Frank Dale, regional chair and chief executive officer for the Region of Peel. “Today’s announcement outlining the investments that will be made in the rehabilitation and replacement of clean water equipment and facilities here at Lakeview… will ensure that our residents continue to benefit from efficient access to safe, clean and reliable drinking water.”

The Region of Peel will benefit from a number of sewage pumping stations being rehabilitated or replaced, as well as equipment at several water pollution control plants being replaced. The Regional Municipality of Durham will benefit from projects such as the rehabilitation of existing watermains including upgrades to the Harmony Creek Water Pollution Control Plant.

Roger Anderson, Durham regional chair and CEO, said, “These investments will help to protect the quality of our drinking water and ensure the efficient treatment of wastewater – both of which are vital to the health and prosperity of Durham communities.”

In Peterborough, aging mechanical structures in the older primary and secondary clarifiers will be replaced along with other components crucial to improving sludge management and hydro consumption.

“Our future as a healthy community with a high quality of life depends on maintaining a clean source of water,” said Daryl Bennett, Mayor of the City of Peterborough. “The City of Peterborough is partnering with the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario to undertake significant upgrades to our wastewater treatment facility to help ensure to the very best of our ability that the water we put back into the river continues to be as clean as the water that we draw from the river.”

More information and project backgrounders can be found on the Government of Canada’s website.

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