The upcoming design phase for a new water treatment system in Obashkaandagaang First Nation was announced by Chief Marilyn Sinclair and Bob Nault, member of parliament for Kenora.

“Water is sacred to our people,” said Chief Sinclair from Obashkaandagaang First Nation. “It sustains every living part of creation. For this reason, today I can proudly announce that we are building a new water treatment plant. This represents a great beginning in the development of our community and addressing our priorities as a Nation.”

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) is providing over $8 million for the design and construction of the project. The project will include a new water treatment plant, a new watermain distribution system, and 11 decentralized systems.

“The Government of Canada recognizes that safe drinking water is essential to healthy communities,” said Seamus O’Regan, minister of indigenous services. “We look forward to partnering with Obashkaandagaang [First Nation] to design and construct a new water treatment system that will benefit their community and will also bring us one step closer to eliminating all long-term drinking water advisories in First Nations communities.”

Obashkaandagaang First Nation is currently in the process of hiring a consultant for the design phase of the project. Once complete, the new water treatment system will eliminate two long-term drinking water advisories and restore clean and safe drinking water to current and future residents in the community.

“Clean and safe drinking water is vital to quality of life, especially for residents of First Nations communities in northern Ontario,” said Bob Nault, member of parliament for Kenora. “I congratulate Chief Sinclair and her Council for their hard work to bring this essential basic need to members of Obashkaandagaang.”

Obashkaandagaang First Nation is located 15 kilometres southwest of Kenora, Ontario. The First Nation has a membership of 333, of whom 146 live on the reserve.


  1. Great to hear that the ISC is providing over $8 million for the design and construction of this project. Restoring clean, safe drinking water to communities is absolutely vital. Good news!


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