Tecvalco Ltd., a Niagara Falls Ont.-based company has partnered with Soneera Water, to be the exclusive manufacturer and sales representative for Soneera’s wastewater treatment technology in Canada.

The Soneera Waste Water system is a membrane-free, continuous flow electroflocculation system that can treat up to 750 cubic metres of waste water per day using a single system module. It uses approximately 0.03 to 0.07 Kwh/m3 of energy, and roughly one-fifth the physical footprint of a traditional treatment facility.

There are no chemicals added to process, however, with the addition of chlorine and a UV system, the technology is capable of producing potable drinking water from raw sewage. It is capable of cleaning 95 to 98 per cent of all waste water types, and treats to the nano-filtration level. It is an automated system that is remotely monitored and programmed.

The first Canadian installation will take place in Unity, Saskatchewan, to deliver clean water into Sink Lake and enhance the quality of water that is in the existing treatment ponds, as well as to accommodate population growth.

Mayor of Unity Silvia Maljan said, “I was extremely pleased that Unity was involved in bringing this cutting edge Technology to Canada and due to that foresight, the town was helping to maintain and grow jobs in the manufacturing sector in Saskatchewan.”

“We are also pleased that the first two modular systems built at Tecvalco’s North Battleford [Sask.] manufacturing will be for Unity’s sewerage ponds upgrade project,” she said.

Soneera Water’s system was invented, in Australia, by Vivian Robinson. Robinson patented and named the technology “electroflocculation” after publishing in several technical magazines and journals. Soneera Water and Tecvalco are the only companies licensed to market and maintain this technology in North America.

It was first introduced in the Australian market, and later to North America in 2014 through a pilot project in Arizona. Once it was proven at a variety of wastewater installations, Soneera Water LLC started marketing it in the U.S. The technology is patented in the U.S., and is patent-pending in Canada.

“We are so very excited by the potential of this technology,” noted the president of Tecvalco, Mike Menger. “This partnership pairs Tecvalco’s expertise in manufacturing and sales with Soneera’s revolutionary technology.”


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