The water in Washademoak Lake, New Brunswick, 70 kilometres southeast of Fredericton, is a lot murkier then usual this summer and residents in the Cambridge Narrows are concerned about the water quality.

Robena Weatherley, head of the Canaan-Washademoak Watershed Association, told CBC that the water quality is the worst she’s seen in decades. “We don’t quite know what this is. There was agriculture … and forestry … a lot of clear cutting in the watershed. So it’s any of these things and all of them,” Weatherley said.

The lake is known for having problems in the past with blue-green algae, bacterial organisms also known as cyanobacteria, which can produce toxins that can be harmful to human health and fatal to pets and livestock.

The Department of Environment and Local Government have collected samples of the water to test its quality in attempt to identify the issue.


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