Nanaimo, B.C. – Construction for the City’s Midtown Water Supply Project began on Monday, July 25, 2022. This multi-year project will see the construction of two large water supply mains, providing an essential water supply service to central and north Nanaimo, including Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (NRGH).

This project will strengthen the City’s water supply to accommodate future growth, provide assurance of fire protection and ensure resiliency for decades to come. It will also serve to provide NRGH with a dedicated potable water and fire protection feed. A broken water main on Bowen Road in April 2020 interrupted water supply to the hospital and jeopardized the water supply and fire protection to businesses and residents in central and north Nanaimo.

The first stage of construction will take place along the Nanaimo Parkway, between Northfield and East Wellington Road, as well as along Northfield Road between the Nanaimo Parkway and Boxwood Road.

For more information and to see a timeline of project work, visit the Midtown Water Supply Project page at

Link to Strategic Plan: Ensuring a resilient community supports Council’s strategic priority of Governance Excellence.

Key Points

  • This multi-year upgrade to Nanaimo’s water supply backbone infrastructure will support resiliency and avoid risk of water supply disruption to the northern two-thirds of the City.
  • Construction starts July 25, 2022 in the section along the Nanaimo Parkway from East Wellington to Northfield Road. Please obey all safety warning signage and cordoned off areas during this activity.
  • The Midtown Water Supply Project consists of major pipeline trenching along Bowen Road, East Wellington, the Parkway, Northfield Road, Boxwood Road and through Beban Park to Labieux Road.
  • Earlier this year, the City felled trees along the Parkway and in Beban Park to avoid disturbing birds in the nesting months in anticipation of construction beginning this summer. The trees will be replaced upon completion of the project.


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