The governments of Canada and Northwest Territories announced an agreement for joint investment of $68 million for water and wastewater projects across the Territory.

The federal government is providing over $51 million and community governments of the Northwest Territories are providing over $17 million for 29 projects to rehabilitate and improve the community water and wastewater systems across the territory.

The largest projects identified in the announcement include a water and sewer pipe replacement in the City of Yellowknife ($13.7 million), sewer outfall replacement for the Town of Inuvik ($7.5 million), and sewer main replacement and rehabilitation in the Town of Norman Wells ($4 million).

Robert C. McLeod, the minister responsible for infrastructure in the NWT said,”Investing in community public infrastructure supports local governments to manage their needs, increase the capacity and lifespan of local assets, and ensure that services to residents are enhanced. These strategic investments create economic opportunities for our residents and businesses that have a significant impact towards the overall management of the water, and wastewater systems of the Northwest Territories.”

Canada and the Northwest Territories have approved 30 community infrastructure projects to date, under two new federal infrastructure programs introduced as part of Phase 1 of the 10-year Investing in Canada plan.

Details on Phase 2 of Investing in Canada will be announced over the next months.


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