The Manitoba government has released the Boreal Wetlands Conservation Codes of Practice, according to announcement made by Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen.

The Codes of Practice provide guidance on how to avoid, minimize, and offset impacts to boreal wetlands that result from resource roads, access roads, and crossings

“The Boreal Wetlands Conservation Codes of Practice fulfils a commitment in the Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan,” said Pedersen. “By adopting this approach, Manitoba is reducing red tape for industry, supporting sustainable development of our natural resources, and supporting the conservation of Manitoba’s boreal wetlands.”

Manitoba’s boreal region contains 22 million hectares of wetlands, which provide habitat for many wildlife species, help clean and filter water, mitigate the impacts of flooding and drought, and store vast amounts of carbon.

Development that affects the highly connected flow of water through these wetlands can have both upstream and downstream effects on biodiversity, habitat, and carbon sequestration capacity. However, these impacts can be managed, controlled, and offset through best practices, according to the Manitoba government.

The Boreal Wetlands Conservation Codes of Practice provide certainty for resource developers by providing guidance about where and how to operate within and around boreal wetlands on Crown lands, said Pedersen.

“Boreal wetlands are some of the most carbon-rich ecosystems in the world, which also provide critical habitat for a variety of wildlife and species at risk,” said Karla Guyn, chief executive officer of Ducks Unlimited Canada. “The Boreal Wetlands Conservation Codes of Practice is an important step in safeguarding these natural areas, and Ducks Unlimited Canada is pleased to have been part of the committee that contributed to their development.”

The Boreal Wetlands Conservation Codes of Practice were developed through a committee of government, industry, environmental non-governmental organizations, and with the guidance of an Indigenous advisor

Copies of the Boreal Wetlands Conservation Codes of Practices can be found here.


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