The Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium will receive continued funding from the Province of Manitoba, according to a December 20 announcement from Minister of Conservation and Water Stewardship Gord Mackintosh. The investment will support the consortium’s research ship Namao, which is currently in use on Lake Winnipeg.

“As part of the government’s multifaceted efforts to restore the health of Lake Winnipeg, we understand the critical role scientific research plays in achieving this goal,” Minister Mackintosh said.

The new $150,000 investment will raise the total amount of money invested into the Namao operation to $1.225 million. The funding is part of a provincial strategy to improve water quality in Lake Winnipeg. Research has led to findings that have helped shape effective solutions to water quality issues on the lake.

“Lake Winnipeg provides important environmental benefits and contributes to the province’s economy, as well as the enjoyment and well-being of Manitobans,” said Housing and Community Development Minister Peter Bjornson. “We have many reasons to support the Namao’s research and want to ensure the best stewardship of this precious resource.”


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